Welcome to the Fall 2019 YASH!

Hello lovelies, and welcome to my blog! You’re hunting on Team Blue right now, and I’m Kat Ross, your hostess for this leg of the game. I'm a fan of villains with justifiable axes to grind and heroes who lie, cheat and cuss. I suppose you could call my books historical fantasy/paranormal suspense, but they're unruly offspring and generally refuse…

Fall 2019 YASH Is Coming October 1!

I’m super excited to be on Team Blue this season. Have a gander at the loads of awesome books that will be featured during the 2019 YA Scavenger Hunt. I’ll have a fun character board for A Bad Breed, my dark retelling of Beauty and the Beast, along with extra bookish prizes and mayhaps a fancy cover reveal... So stay…

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