Book 2: The Fourth Empire

Never make a blood pact with the most notorious necromancer in Aveline.

Especially if he wants you to steal a magic box that once belonged to his insane, demon-binding ancestor.

It just won’t end well.

But Lo will risk everything to find her parents … even it means a fool’s bargain with Nathan Ouvrard.

The quest leads to the scorching city of Prydwen, where a revolt is brewing against the tyrannical new Duc. Cas and Lucius are hot on her trail — along with a host of unsavory enemies. And Nathan’s promise that his heirloom will be simple to retrieve turns out to be as empty as his social calendar.

What’s inside the box? Will it save the world, as he claims? Or destroy it?

And if Lo returns to Castle Cazal a single minute late, just how painful will her death be?

Bien sûr … A hope in hell is still better than none at all.

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