Book 2: Nightmarked

Who is the Jack of Wolves?
Kasia’s cards never lie . . .
And all her readings warn of mortal danger.

Hunted by the Order of the Black Sun, she flees to a remote manor house in Kvengard. But evil has come to the city. Children are going missing. Ghostly figures haunt the grounds at night. Can she use her newfound powers to discover the truth before it’s too late?

At the Arx, Alexei is investigating the abductions. The case leads him down ever darker paths—and towards both his brother and the woman he yearns for. An ancient text on alchemy holds the keys to solving the mystery, if the Order doesn’t find them both first.

Meanwhile, the Nightmage Malach promised to help Nikola reach the witches of Dur-Athaara, but letting her go demands that he renounce his selfish nature. A man with one foot in light and the other in deepest shadow, Malach’s choice will have consequences for them all.

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Blackhole (Beck)
Figure It Out (Royal Blood)
Awake (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club)
Action Cat (Gerard Way)
Love You All Along (La Strada)
Bad Decisions (The Strokes)
Nosebleed (Hunters)
Between Love & Hate (The Strokes)
Cherry (Chair Model)
Mémoires du future (René Aubry)
Don’t Fear the Reaper (Heaven 17)
Crimson and Clover (Joan Jett & The Blackhearts)
Waiting on a War (The Foo Fighters)
Dekinai (YuraYuraTeikoku)
Beyond Belief (Elvis Costello & The Attractions)
Witchcraft (Frank Sinatra)
Born Slippy (Underworld)
Longview (Green Day)
Seen the Light (Supergrass)

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