Book 3: Nightmarked

Lust is a siren.
Greed is a dragon.
But revenge is the most seductive mistress of all.

Held captive in Dur-Athaara, Malach would give anything to return to the land he once despised.

But the witch-queen has declared him too dangerous to run loose, a prophecy that proves right when he escapes to wreak havoc on a continent already poised at the brink of civil war.

Across the sea in the icy fortress of Sinjali’s Lance, Alexei’s brother grows more dangerous by the day. Desperate to find a cure for Mikhail’s Nightmark, they return to Nantwich, where Kasia is hunting the Order of the Black Sun.

Forbidden to use her power, she walks a razor’s edge. The Red King stalks her dreams. Is she strong enough to resist his seductive whispers?

As armies gather, and the Black Sun rises over the Morho Sarpanitum, sworn enemies must join forces to stop an unspeakable evil from devouring the world.

You’ll love Book #3 in the Nightmarked series because of the complex antiheroes, kick-ass women and immersive world-building.

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Monkey Gone to Heaven (The Pixies)
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Beyond the Sea (Bobby Darin)