Book 4: Nightmarked

Seven keys and seven gates, forged by a god’s rebellious seventh son.
They lead to the fabled City of Dawn.
But is it a treasure trove… or a gilded prison?

Hurled halfway across the world, Malach and Alexei must join forces to stop the body-snatching alchemist Balaur from stealing an elixir of immortality—assuming they don’t end up killing each other first.

To complicate matters, Malach discovers he’s the spitting image of a dead angel who caused both the first and second Dark Ages. Gavriel Morning Star still has a bounty on his head—and the draconic creatures looking for him tend to shoot fire first and ask questions later.

Kasia and the witches are hunting Balaur, too. The trail leads to the Masdari capital, where a new Imperator is about to be named. She will have to confront her own worst fears—and master the art of Dreaming—to finally face her nemesis in the liminal realm.

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City of Dawn Playlist

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In My Way (The Belligerents)
Bad Girl (The Buttertones)
Queen (Perfume Genius)
Still Life (The Horrors)
No Difference (Dehd)
Grow, Grow, Grow (La Strada)
Girls and Boys (Blur)
Wild Talker (DJ Drez)
Dreams Do Come True (Ronnie Hawkins & The Hawks)
For What It’s Worth (Simple Minds)
How Soon Is Now? (The Smiths)
Vultures (Night Beats)
Rusty Cage (Soundgarden)
It’s Gonna Get Worse (The Belligerents)
David (The Radio Dept)
Chelsea Dagger (The Fratellis)
Ball and Biscuit (The White Stripes)
The Kiss of Death (Sparkadia)
Devil Inside (INXS)
In the Light (Led Zeppelin)
Here Comes the End (Gerard Way, feat. Judith Hill)