The Scarlet Thread

The Scarlet Thread

Book 7: Gaslamp Gothic

Bloody Mary Worth.

Say her name thirteen times in a mirror and you might see the face of your future husband.

Or, less happily, your own shrieking demise.

December 1889. When society girls start dropping like flies at the start of the Winter Ball Season, Harrison Fearing Pell lands her first juicy case since she was suspended from the Society for Psychical Research. And the prime suspect is the very same client who landed her in the soup last time—criminal prodigy and all-around nuisance James Moran.

The victims appear to have been scared to death. But is the real culprit the ghost of a vengeful dead girl—or something even worse? As Harry digs deeper into Mary’s unsolved murder thirty years before, the icy hand of the past reaches into the present. What is the significance of the scarlet thread wound around the victims’ fingers? Is there a connection to the mesmerism fad sweeping New York? And if he’s innocent, why is James still such an insufferable bastard?

Moran’s connections to the city’s seedy underworld might be the key to untangling the mystery—assuming Harry can find the answer before she ends up killing him herself.

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Th Scarlet Thread Playlist

Vampire Money (My Chemical Romance)
Next of Kin (Alvvays)
Candy Darling (Daniel Ash)
Valley of the Dolls (Generation X)
Love Potion No. 9 (The Clovers)
The Love Club (Lorde)
The Modern Age (The Strokes)
Bizarre Love Triangle (New Order)
The Fear (Pulp)
A Certain Romance (Arctic Monkeys)
X Offender (Blondie)
Enjoy the Silence (Anberlin)
Along Comes Mary (The Association)
Germ Free Adolescents (X-Ray Spex)
Paper Planes (This Century)
Barely Legal (The Strokes)

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