About Kat

I’ll never forget the first time I read The Shining. My mom and I were camping at a remote lake in the Adirondacks. I guess I was about 10. I was reading by flashlight in the tent at the moment it dawned on me that redrum was murder backwards. I don’t think I slept again for the rest of the trip.I still adore horror and a wide variety of genres, especially if they’re also funny (any recs?).

The interlinked worlds in my three series blend paranormal mystery with Gothic horror, romance and historical fantasy in one big lovely stew.I don’t eat meat because I like animals (beleaguered owner of four feuding cats and an elderly beagle). Mostly, I eat a lot of this.

You can find me on social media, but I’m lazy and check my email most regularly; you can email me using the form on my Contact page.​ I love to hear from readers and am happy to answer any questions. If you have answers, those are always welcome, too. :)

To find out more about me, check out the FAQs page!

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